Tenderloin with Blueberries and flambeed of Swedish Vodka

When you are in Sweden is obliged to familiarize yourself with local products. Swedish cuisine is a typical Scandinavian cuisine without any accretions like in Denmark. A lot of fish and seafood is prepared here, but also meat from the farms and venison.
I would like to introduce you to the classic or pork tenderloin in blueberries sauce, and for curling I will flambé it with Swedish vodka.

0.5 hk pork tenderloin
2 shallots
1 clove of garlic
200g of blueberries
100ml Absolut Kurant
100ml of sweet red wine
1 tablespoon of sugar or honey
1 tablespoon of butter
1 tablespoon of rapeseed oil
lemon juice
salt pepper

Clean the meat from the membranes. Season with salt and pepper. Pans warm up and add oil. Fry the tenderloin on all sides and add the butter, chopped shallot, garlic and rosemary. Place the meat aside and fry the ingredients. Watered with redcurrant vodka and flambé. Then pour the wine and add washed blueberries. Cook on a small flame until blueberries are soft. Season with sugar and salt and pepper. Lemon breaks the excessive sweetness of the sauce.
For the above-developed amateurs of culinary arts, I recommend Sous Vide. Place the fried tenderloin in a vacuum bag and immerse in a bath at a temperature of 65 ° C for 35-45 minutes depending on the size of the meat.
I suggest serving this pork with baked doulphinouise potatoes or tomato and potato purée. A nice addition is also root vegetables like parsley or celery. These vegetables, having a distinctive taste, are great to accompany blueberries and pork.
Tasty I wish you

Rafał Bujnicki

Ralph Bujnicki is a professional chef with years of experience in Poland and abroad. He began his culinary journey as a chef in Opole’s gastronomic market. After many years of hard work in Poland, he decided to further develop his skills abroad.

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