Salmon tartare with mango and lime, mango purée, scorzonera purée, pickled cucumber and radish

300g of fresh salmon

1 lime

1 mango

a few clams

200ml of cream 30%

half a green cucumber

a few pink radishes

Apple vinegar

Red onion


olive oil




Salmon tartare is one of my favorite varieties of this dish. Beef is okay, I also ate herring, but salmon goes perfectly with tequilly or gin.

We’ll start with pickles. Pour 200g of sugar, a tablespoon of salt and 400ml of apple cider vinegar per liter of water. You can make the pickle more aromatic; anise or coriander or citrus. Bring the brine to a boil and set aside to cool. Radishes cut in half or quarters with cool liquid and cucumbers in any form. I had a cucumber parpadelle.


We make the purée with scorzonera in a classic way, i.e. peel the root and cut it into pieces, and then cook it in cream or milk until soft. Mix in a blender, seasoning only with salt or possibly a teaspoon of light honey and a few drops of lemon. The mango purée is also easy to make, namely, mix the pulp well and thicken it with a bit of xantana, corn flour or other textural thickener known to us. Personally, I have another trick for this, which is to mix mangoes with carrots in a 1: 4 ratio in favor of mangoes. The same color but a natural thickener and the taste does not change much.

We open the mussels by steaming or wine.

Chop the tartare finely, adding finely chopped red onion, mango (hard) and cucumber. Rub the zest of half a lime and add olive oil – about 50 ml. Season to taste with salt and pepper. You can possibly add stalks of fresh coriander or fresh dill to it.

We arrange it in any form on the plate and adequately to our vision of the presentation

Rafał Bujnicki

Ralph Bujnicki is a professional chef with years of experience in Poland and abroad. He began his culinary journey as a chef in Opole’s gastronomic market. After many years of hard work in Poland, he decided to further develop his skills abroad.

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