• Broccoli with stilton cheese
  • Cumin Carrot Cumin Caraway and Coriander Cream
  • Green soup with peas
  • Mushroom with goat’s cheese
  • Brown Windsor with groats
  • Cream of parsley ginger and honey
  • Hot tomato soup
  • Tomato and potato soup with bacon
  • Duck soup in English



  • Eggs in florence
  • Eggs of Benedict
  • St James mussels with mashed potatoes and bacon
  • Calamari baked in a crispy cookie with a mixture of peppers
  • Black Pudding – Pudding of apple and pork pudding
  • Club Sandwich with cheddar cheese and turkey
  • Pickled Mackerel with pickles from sweet vegetables
  • Beef steak on cinnamon muffin
  • Tuna salad with quails
  • Beef tartar
  • Scones with curd and lobster
  • Crab with avocado
  • Scottish Eggs
  • Salad with pudding balls, green beans and croutons
  • Saussage Rolls
  • Pickled eel with grapefruit and caviar



  • Yorkshire Rostbef
  • Fried Sola with capers, parsley and cherry tomatoes
  • A piece of ramen with cucumber, tomato, chili and cinnamon
  • Lamb in mint sauce
  • Tikka Masala chicken
  • Sloes with green pepper sauce, potatoes and vegetables
  • Cottage Pie – Beef Casserole
  • Shepherd’s Pie – Shepherd Shepherd
  • Game Pie – custard game
  • Beef burgers with Coleslaw salad
  • Kedgeree – cod in yellow curry with rice and rice
  • Cornish Pancake – Pork Lamb with Pork Lamb
  • Chicken goulash, mushrooms, leeks and tarragon in cream
  • Casserole with chicken and mushrooms
  • Cod on stewed spinach with mashed potatoes
  • Bangers and Mush – Grilled sausages with mashed potatoes and roasted onions
  • Beef Wellington – Loin with mushrooms in chips
  • Welsh Welsh with green peas and mashed parsley
  • Jerk Chicken
  • Turkey in cranberry sauce with baked potatoes and rosemary
  • Beef with carrots and parsnips
  • Pork chop
  • Likky Pie Leeks – Pork dip in cream sauce under French pastry
  • Crown Roast Lamb – Mutton with apples, celery and lemon
  • Welsh Fagots – Pork liver with pears and onions
  • Baked ham with fried egg


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