British Pork Belly

Slow-cooked bacon is an icon of gourmet on the Islands. The British eat it all year round and have several ways to prepare it.
Personally, I always put him in the oven for the whole night and baked at 92’C-95’C – 9-10 hours. There are also shorter ways to prepare this delicacy and I will show you here:
1.5 kg raw bacon with skin
100 ml olive oil
2 carrots
a few sprigs of celery
1 head of garlic
3 apples
2 onions
bunch of fresh thyme
3 bay leaves
a teaspoon of allspice
15 g fennel seeds
1.5l of beer
half a liter of broth
50 g plain flour
salt pepper
The bacon flap should be cut from the skin side with a frequency of half a centimeter.
Then season with salt, pepper and fennel seeds.
Wash or peel the vegetables and cut them into larger pieces and then place them on a wide baking mold. To them we add a sprig of thyme, allspice and bay leaf. We put our bacon on top and pour three cans of beer.
The whole should be put in the oven preheated to 170’C and bake for about two hours. After the time has passed, check that the meat is soft and separates well. If not, add half a liter of broth and bake for another half hour.
We take the baked bacon onto the board and give it a rest for about a quarter of an hour and everything that remains in the roasting dish should be strained. This will create a sauce that must be lightly thickened with flour.
Classic baked bacon is consumed on the Islands in the presence of apple puree or potato puree with the addition of apples. Roasted root vegetables will be an obligatory addition, but taking into account Polish tastes it’s their place, fried cabbage can easily take it.

Rafał Bujnicki

Ralph Bujnicki is a professional chef with years of experience in Poland and abroad. He began his culinary journey as a chef in Opole’s gastronomic market. After many years of hard work in Poland, he decided to further develop his skills abroad.

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